Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inov-8 Bare xf 210 for summer!

Summer is here in full effect and I can't get enough. Working out in the excessive hit may hit the wrong chord for some, but for me, there is not better place to be. Maybe its because it feels like the Games or the Dirty South regional of 2010, but working out with just the sun overhead kicks ass. Its also a good excuse for me to pound Vita Coco coconut water all day long (our local Costco aways has Vita Coco in stock, WIN).

One of the worst problems with the summer heat though is sweaty shoes. Without shoes that breath well, you are stuck with your feet in their own personal sauna. Imagine being in a sauna at a nudist retirement home. Thats what your feet are going through. On the flip-flop side, its not ideal to workout in sandals, frankly I have never seen this and I wouldn't recommend it. Thats asking for broken toes and no one wants to see your yellow nails anyway.

What if you could get that same feeling of wearing sandals while wearing shoes. And what if those shoes were made for Crossfit by a company that has been there since the beginning to support Crossfit. Well the Inov-8 Bare xf 210 are those shoes.

When you first put them on you will notice right away that your feet feel nothing else but the ground There is no cushioning and no nonsense. Just zero drop. If you have never used minimalist shoes before I wouldn't recommend starting in them for runs, but easing into them from some other Inov-8 shoes (F-lite 230, 220, or 195s).

After hours of working out my feet remained cool and I did not have any issues with stank feet.

They work particularly well in most Crossfit workouts and considerably well for rope climbs.

In addition, they are perfect for lounging around, drankin, going to movies, or just living life outside of Crossfit.

All in all, they are versatile and I highly recommend picking up a pair for summer. Get a pic of them poolside while watching the Crossfit Games in July.

Monday, June 11, 2012


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go out of town and train with some high caliber games athletes. I spent a good amount of time on the road (~9 hours) to get there and I'm not one that likes to stop when I need to get somewhere. Driving a stick shift car on the road and not stopping to eat can be a hassle, especially with stop and go traffic.

I'm already a fan of the paleo kits, which include nuts, berries, and jerky, but they can be messy to eat in the car. The paleo stix on the other hand were freaking awesome. You just tear em open and viola. No mess, just meat goodness. The flavor is pretty much a standard beef stick flavor and didn't blow my socks off as something revolutionary but it was good. They are certainly not as chewy as the kits too, so you won't get lockjaw trying to eat them. The empty package didn't have the sticky and juicy mess like the kit, and the wrapper left no stains on the floor mats of my car which was appreciated. I couldn't tell the difference between the grass-fed and regular version so that will be up to you to decide. Word of caution if you hit some beers later on. The potency of those burps will be enhanced. All in all I give them a thumbs up. Less crap than whats in the gas station food isle and better for you.