Friday, July 22, 2011

Off to see the wizard!

This is gonna be my last post before the games because I don't want this blog to suck any drop of work capacity that I have left in my body, and staying current with it during this time is about as easy as isolating the Higgs particle with a paper clip, snorkel, and slice of swiss cheese. Just to make it clear I'm saving my body for two things: 1)Destroying the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games with my Bros and Bras, and 2)Slaying the glutonious orgy of food and non exercise that will ensue afterwards. I've already made a list of food and other stuff that I plan on annhialating so I assure you that I have thought this out thoroughly and calculated it with extreme precision, Crossfit New England eat your heart out. I'm not entirely sure who is all out there, but I'm open to suggestions. I don't even care if you are in a different city, state, country, whatever. If you know of some must have food, post that shit to comments and I will put it on my list. Now, I also understand that as individual human beings, some of us like caramelized sheeps testicles or some scary shit like that....thats not me. If it sounds slightly weird, I'll consider it. If it sounds like you ate that shit to survive just so a lost villager could maybe get you help...I'll pass. This will be both desserts and regular eats (nonpaleo/non zone only)So hit me up.

My list thus far in no particular order:
1) Gooey Louie Buttercake-all of them
2) The Elegant Farmer apple pie in a brown bag- straight from Wisconsin
3) Krispy Kreme- glazed and Bostom Creme
4)Oreo Klondike Sandwich
5)Cheesecake Factory chocolate tuxedo cream cheesecake
6)Deep Fried Pickles-Tylers
7)Whole Foods Harvest Berry Pie
8) The Pit- Sangria, banana bread pudding, honey infused cornbread
9)Mellow Mushroom garlic glazed pretzels
10)An entire pizza from CPK
11)Jeni's salty caramel ice cream
12)Goodberry's Sandstorm


  1. Blueberry muffin from Rue Cler. They are first come first serve and they make them fresh EVERY SINGLE DAY. they are amazing. let me say it again, amazing. they're ready around 8:30. get there while they are warm. again, amazing.

    also, check out the chocolate bar at parker and otis.

    and don't forget ihop has all you can eat pancakes right now.

  2. Thats freaking awesome...added to the list!

  3. Sushi, crab and cheese stuffed won-tons, lots of beer, local yogurt

  4. Watermelon milkshake from Cook Out. Sounds nasty, but it'll change your life for the fatter.